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Turning Events into Unforgettable Experiences

At Show It department, we're the creators of unforgettable moments.
Our dedicated team works behind the scenes to make every event an extraordinary experience, from concept to event.

Crisp logistics, from arrival to high-five. We're the behind-the-scenes heroes making sure every piece falls into place – and we do it with a smile. Your job? Enjoy the spotlight at your event, we'll handle the backstage magic.

Assemble, party, disassemble – it's our jam. We're the event setup and teardown pros. While you dance, we transform spaces. We've got the pieces and the puzzle skills. You focus on the fun; we'll make it happen !

Managing teams, mastering events – that's our gig. We juggle the details, keep the crew in sync, and make your vision a reality. You bring the dream, we bring the teamwork. Together, we create unforgettable moments.

Recruiting globally, unlocking priceless resources. Our reach knows no bounds as we source talents from around the world. These invaluable resources become the backbone of your event's success.


Our best products available now !


The Expendable offers a unique combination of flexibility and efficiency. Transportable on a truck, its modular design allows for quick setup and breakdown, making it ideal for temporary retail spaces, pop-up shops, or events.

Big Box

Our Big Boxes are the most cost-effective and quickest solution for promoting your products when they require maximum visibility. Our structures are quick and easy to assemble, and the sizes are flexible.


QZEBO is the most intriguing tent innovation of recent years. We’re replacing the traditional pop-up tent with an elegant, modular, and sophisticated solution. Furthermore, the tent branding is designed to be easily customized for each event.

Pit Stop

Pit Stop is an economical product that deploys in seconds. The idea is inspired by Formula 1 pit stops that don’t last more than 3 seconds: your customers won’t spend more than 3 seconds purchasing your products.



Our Portfolio


We are a versatile company, comprising a creative studio, an international a merchandising operator, an event production firm, and event equipment providers. We specialize in delivering turnkey projects for businesses across various industries, from design to execution. In other words, we are SMaSh